Having trained hundreds of people I found the most fun you can have at the gym comes from the least productive activity.  

People Watching.


Yes, you are being watched and probably judged every time you work out. 😉


Here are my top favorite  Gym stereotypes:  


The Grunter

It does not matter how heavy or how light this dude is making noise. I’m not talking about the guy who is straining a little bit, no this guy is letting you know “I’m lifting weights.”


Old Yeller

Similar, but not quite the same animal is this gentleman   

If you did not know any better you would think someone was beating this guy.  Or maybe he’s reacting to his dog being run over. You’re not sure, and just as you are about to check on him, he finished his set  and screams, “YEAH THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT WHOOOOOOO!!”    Weights dropping around him.  Funny how he could lift hundreds but could not put any of them away.


The Ladies Man (or so he thinks)

He’s there to pick up woman, and he comes in all shapes and sizes, he purposely works out close to where the ladies are and is usually making a nuisance of himself with all his workout knowledge. At the same time he is not so subtly trying to show off his muscles.

This guy was a royal pain as he usually interrupted me while I was working with a paying client.  


God’s gift to the World

You cannot miss this individual, they are front and center  and admiring themselves in the mirror. They may not say much, but they want you to notice them!  They can be any one of the above.


The Supplement Dude

Now, supplements are important, and I’m not making fun of people using them. But you gotta love the guy who is always sharing his ever changing knowledge on supplements, usually with the people who couldn’t care less.    “Hey man, you should really try out this new supplement… it’s one part dead cow, two parts what the cow ate, and chicken livers with creatine…you can build ten pounds of muscle just looking at it!”


Mr. Sweaty (no picture, cause who wants a visual)

So this guy is one of the poor unfortunates whose body produces an excess of sweat.  This totally unassuming individual needs a mop and an excessive amounts of workout towels.  I have no problem with this guy except when he doesn’t clean up after himself – nobody likes damp equipment and as the trainer I had to clean up after him.


Don’t Bother to Learn his name

I loved this guy, he was confident and sometimes arrogant. He was out of shape now, but had probably been in shape at some point.  He told you all he knew and was confident without training that he would be his studly self in a few weeks…  never-mind, he went to seed years ago. You could laugh and joke with this dude, heck you could probably say whatever you wanted to him because he was only going to show up once.


Mr. 20 Inch Arms 


He’s always telling you how big they are. You want to tell him about 2-3 inches are fat but about 17-18 inches is not, so you keep your mouth shut. He is also usually the guy that’s telling everyone else what they’re doing wrong.


Honorable Mention-

Here is a sub category not annoying but fun to watch.  

The Bashful One (he is hiding out back there)

This guy or girl is self conscious about working out in front of people.  They came in at the off hours, kept to the corners and along the back walls usually have headphone in and leave like mice when the light is turned on.


The Uninitiated

The guy who does not know how to use the equipment, once again, not annoying, especially because he is  always apologizing but you somehow are afraid they will hurt themselves terribly.

It was always a little awkward to go up to them and say, “hey buddy need a hand? That machine is a bit tricky, but if you stay in that position your spine is going to snap like a twig.”


Whatever your shape, weight or age try to be this guy!


What are you favorite workout stereotypes?   Comment below!

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