We have 3 toddlers and another little one  on the way.  We love having lots of kids, but it can get a little crazy sometimes.  There are certain household items that have proven very helpful in keeping a calm(er) household, especially when it feels like the toddlers are in charge. 😉  

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The Instant Pot

Pressure Cookers have been around forever and really speed up family meals, not until recently there was a bit of a learning curve and they  scared the women in my life. But this baby has 1000 uses and even makes a good batch of baby back ribs at the press of a button.  This Item is not over-hyped it is pure awesomeness in the form of a metal cylinder!


Boiled Egg Maker

I used to think these were gimmicky, but I confess I was wrong.  True, there is not much to boiling eggs: Fill a pot with water; add eggs in shell; let boil; set time, and walk away.  But, egg maker eggs always turn out perfectly, always peel easily and I don’t have to worry about setting the timer or letting it over boil.  I can throw them in before my shower and the eggs are ready when I get out.  Good protein – no effort.
Hard Boiled Egg Maker


Ergo baby pack and Baby Bjorn

Holding your child for the first time is a joy you can never replicate, but there are times that carrying baby is no longer fun.  Besides the fact that I’ve never been able to master the ‘one armed bit’.  The individual who invented the baby pack is a hero in my book.  Here are the two brands that we use everyday.

Ergo Baby Carrier


 Cloth Diaper Inserts 

Since we are on the topic of baby products, these guys are fantastic, and I’m not referring to their intended use.  They are easy to clean and super absorbent.  Heck, I’ve even packed a few in my first aid kit, cause ya never know when you are gonna get shot by  a cannon. 😉
Cloth Diaper Inserts

Bidet (Pronounced: “Bid-ay”)

Hardly any American would be familiar with this, in fact Bidet is French for “making you feel awkward.”  This little tool often looks like a sink attachment that sprays water. It attaches to the water line of your toilet and is used to clean the user…if you’d prefer not to use toilet paper.  However, if you use cloth diapers it makes clean up 10x easier, it also makes toilet cleaning easier as well as an added bonus when your kids graduate to using the kiddy potties you can wash them out with this thing.  
Complete Handheld Bidet Sprayer 

Baby Gate/Yard

After you work so hard to get your little angel to make their first exploratory movements in this world, the remainder of your existence is to keep them out and away from everything!  The world frowns upon putting your kids in straight jackets so the baby yard and baby gate are a requirement unless you like being inches from your child at any given moment.
Baby Gate

Pop N’ Play Portable Playard


Toddler Cots /waterproof sleeping pads  

Our kids  like us, love us, can’t stop climbing on us, and tend to have nightmares.  The cute little kid crawling in bed at 3am loses charm quickly, especially as God gave our kids razors for nails and they like to use my back as a sharpening block.  So, we bought these cots and they know they can come in for security but they stay on their beds cause daddy can be just as scary at 3 am as whatever little ole dream they had…

Toddler Cot

Did I forget to mention that our kids wet the bed every other night?  These waterproof mattress pads are a must for every bed in the house!  You have to love those parenting moments when your toddler sneaks in bed beside you and loses bladder control.  More than once have I awakened confused and bewildered, thinking I just wet the bed in my sleep. *sigh*

Waterproof Sheet Protector

Bona Mop

Another item I initially thought, ” big deal, how does this improve on the good ole mop and bucket”.  When you have three crawlers and hard floors they get dirty fast and with this mop instant clean, everyday and whenever you need it.   

Note:  We pour out ALL the cleaning solution that comes with the mop and fill it with water, vinegar, and essential oils or just water and oils. Super easy and safe for little hands and feet.

Bona Mop


We will have to do another article to cover all the improvements we have seen with oils, but for the purpose of this article we will cover  just two.  Better sleep, and better smelling house. It’s no secret that kids compete with grown men when it comes to producing odors of an unsavory nature.  So,  instead of a steady stream of unhealthy air fresheners, you can clean the air and boost immunity this way.  After all, lighting a match is not really a good option with curious toddlers .
Good Oil Diffuser

Better Oil Diffuser

Best Oil Diffuser

And of course you’ll need oils.   We use these and love them: doTERRA



Door Screens

I had to add this as my kids love going outside and I am very grateful for this fact, but keeping bugs out can be a challenge and this has really cut back on irritating flies, bees, wasps, and other annoyances.

Magnetic Mosquito Screen Door Net



Bonus round!

I have to admit, Alexa has come in handy.   I try to stay off my phone since the kids really feel the split attention, and having a device that can turn on music, change the station, give you weather updates, answer trivia questions, get movie times (like we ever see a movie), and check traffic  actually comes in pretty handy. Besides it is nice to have a least one person who does what I say in the house 

Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo: Much better speakers



Fire Stick

We don’t have cable nor do we want it, and I’m sure apple TV is very good, but this nifty little jump drive sized internet TV alternative has been really nice.  We may not be able to go out to the movies anymore, but being able to access them online which makes for easy date night
Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player

And I highly recommend getting a very bright case for the remote…. we spend half of our life trying to find that silly thing!
New Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Case


Comment below and tell us what items you can’t live without!


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