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How to Crochet a St Francis Doll

How to Crochet a St Francis Doll

 I love making these wholesome friends!  I have received so many requests for patterns that I have decided to oblige.  This little guy is sure to be a favorite and is very simple to make!


What you will need:  

Tan Yarn; Brown yarn; Red yarn; Crochet hook 75mm; Quilter’s needle; scissors; Blush makeup (for doll cheeks.  This is optional)


Terms to know:  

Chain (Ch); Single Crochet (sc); Increase; Decrease; Slip Stitch; A little yarn stationary. (*) That symbol means repeat. 

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St. Francis: Yarn Peg Doll


  1.   With tan yarn, Ch 2
  2.   8 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join with slip stitch.
  3.   Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, join  (you should have 16 sc around)  Do not turn.
  4.   Ch 1, *1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next* repeat to end of round. Join. (you should have 24 sc…. If you’re off by one or so, no worries, the pattern will still work.)
  5. *  ch 1, sc in each sc around, join*
  6.   Repeat round 5 (7x)

  7.  Once you’ve finished these rounds, cut tan yarn, leaving enough to attach Brown yarn.

  8.   With brown yarn continue round 5 (16x with brown)

  9.   Ch 1, *1 sc in next sc, decrease 1 in next sc* around. Join.
  10.   Start filling doll with polyester fill.

  11.   Ch 1, decrease in each sc around until hole is closed.

  12.   Leave about 12″ of yarn at end and cut yarn.

    Now for the fun part!


  13.   With the remaining yarn at bottom of doll, thread quilter’s needle and push it through the bottom of doll until you reach the tan yarn.  We are making the neck.
  14.   Weave in and out of each sc.
  15.   And pull!
  16.   For added strength to neck, circle yarn around head 2 – 3x and make a knot in back of head.  Cut yarn.
  17. Find where you want the nose to be.  Cut about 12″ of tan yarn, with quilter’s needle, weave through one sc and go around several times to make a cute little nose!  🙂
  18. With tan thread, sew little praying hands on front of doll.

  19.   With tan yarn, sew little kneeling feet (same shape as hands) in back of doll.

  20.   With red yarn, sew one time through hands and feet for St. Francis’ stigmata.

  21.   With black yarn, sew little eyes (I will make little triangle crescents to look like he’s smiling).  You can do whatever you want….just have fun!
  22.   With brown (or black) yarn, sew several loops close together to create monk’s tonsure (hair).

  23.   With White yarn, cut enough to tightly wrap around waist (2x).  Tie strong knot.
  24.   And there he is!  Isn’t he cute?!!
  25.   Want to make it even more amazing?! Finish by placing a drop of DoTerra Essential oil to help little ones sleep and keep doll clean!

    Comment below and tell me what you think!!   Better yet, post pictures of your little Francis doll!

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