Who does not like a good motivational quote?


A one sentence line that sums up an abstract idea of how we can excel.  Well, there is always that guy, you know the one, (or in my family, 7 different ones 😉  ) who pokes fun at the trite expression of good intention.  They may even hang up the opposite sentiment,  just because.


 You have to admit, motivational quotes are often better framed on a wall then said out loud to a group


  In case you don’t believe this, try spouting off a few quotes to an earthy crew and check the reactions…. yeah, a bit underwhelming and usually followed by snickers and rude comments behind the back of the speaker.  Which is why I often prefer reading the book vs watching the movie, you can write something cheesy and it’s still cool,  but when the actor says the same line out loud, you inwardly cringe.


That is why I am writing this post


…I will probably not read it out loud, even to myself.

I was thinking about this topic mainly because it is an Olympic year and as we watch the games, or highlights, we hear these motivation phrases and countless cliches over and over again.  However, there is a reason why these athletes use them and why, in fact, many successful people either have them posted on their walls or recite them over and over to themselves.  It’s because it works.


Picture yourself as being successful


Bizarrely enough you frequently are, not because it has some magical ability to make an nincompoop (I’ve been wanting to use that word) into a genius, but because it creates a mindset that allows for you to create the environment for success.


Think for a moment about  the most cheerful person you know


One of the things I notice is that they nearly always have something positive to say. On the flip side, think of the most negative person you know… yeah, you are not likely to hear them say “be the light”


Some would attribute this to personal character


A melancholic personality is not likely to be optimistic, but this is not so, I know some folks very prone to melancholy who are surprisingly optimistic, they just have to work harder at it.


There are so many things that happen in life that are beyond our control


I guess it could be argued that we cannot control the majority of our surroundings.  The job market rises and falls, the price of goods fluctuate, health problems, etc.  And because we live in society, our actions or inactions are influenced by the mired of decisions made by other people.  At work or home you often have no say on what someone can say or do.  And it sometimes does not get better with age, even the most affluent people have to work around other people and it does not always go their way.  But there is one thing you have control over and that is how you react.


Winners focus on winning


I have heard it said, and I agree…

If you want to be a more happy person, spend time each day being thankful for three things you have in your life


Be like the athlete that repeats often their own motivational cliche. Because how you think will influence how you act and how you act may just help you to have a little more influence in the world around you.



Now, go look up some good, cheesy, motivational quotes on Pinterest.  😉


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