Let’s talk about something controversial today

 What is up with male fashion?  Before I go too far I have to make a disclosure, If you peruse through my wardrobe you would undoubtedly say, “this man is not allowed to have an opinion on the subject let alone write about it”. However, I will say something because I have to buy clothes, doggone it! The biggest problem with clothing today is it is generally just too casual.  This is coming from a guy who does not really care what he is wearing. The prior generation, well, maybe two generations back would say ‘you dress to show respect’. I think there is a kernel of truth to that…  

Being sloppy, even if it is socially acceptable, really does signal something to the people around you.


I will always remember the occasions in college when a fellow student would show up in their pj’s, and others even coming in the full body suits!  This was even before they were popular.


What does this tell the professor?


Well, at 9am, it tells me a few things.  It says, I don’t care enough about this class, or you, to get dressed. I am lazy and have poor time management skills.  I cannot be  inconvenienced to even bother changing my clothes in the morning.  This may not be completely accurate, but that sure is what you are broadcasting.  If I were the professor and you asked me for an extension on a paper or extra credit to help raise a low score, I would be inclined to refuse, which is why I probably should not go into teaching this young generation.


Does this mean that kids should go back to uniforms?

Or businesses that allow for casual wear, should reverse their policy?   Well, I admit I like a more relaxed atmosphere, but perhaps we should exercise a little self-regulation and step it up a little.


And this brings me to our topic. I really don’t know what happened in the last 2-3 decades, but Men’s fashion has just gotten bad.


From what I can see, there are only a few styles in men’s clothes nowadays… with a few riffs thrown in.  


For the sake of brevity I’ll stick to just  the ‘4’ I find the  most obnoxious.


1. The male man-child

 This is probably the most common (and if I am to be honest, I am guilty of this one myself).  It consists of sneakers, graphic tees (including participation shirts, promotional tees, “I just gave blood”, you name it) shorts and/or jeans.  In my opinion, the biggest problem is the t-shirt.  Yes, they are comfortable, maybe at one point they were funny. but face it, they are generally tacky.


2. The ever athlete  

For most guys, I know you are not heading to the gym or the basketball court.  I know it’s more comfortable, but  leave the workout gear in the closet and get dressed like a man.  Besides, for those of you who like the basketball jerseys, wife beaters and general armless tees, a general survey of women would probably say that armpit hair ranks near the bottom of the attractive scale. 


3. Close cut, or modern cut suits

No matter how ‘in shape’ a person is, this fashion decision just looks off …like someone measured wrong. They also just have a sort of feminine look in general and whether that was the goal or not, I don’t really care, the look is just dumb.


4.  Skinny jeans or any kind of tapered pants

  And I saved the best (or worst) for last… not only is this stupid looking, ridiculous and unpractical, they are also uncomfortable.  And why the heck would you roll the cuff?   Are you a toddler?  


I have a suggestion for my fellow men:

Don’t go out and buy business suits,  but think about getting a pair of grownup shoes, and non logo shirts and wear the occasional collared shirts.  Keep the workout gear to the gym and for the love of Pete, burn the dang skinny pants!



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