Just another dude writing his opinions on fitness, nutrition and health and wellness.

So why should you waste your precious time listening to me?


I was not captain of the football team, baseball team or anything for that matter. The sports I played growing up with my seven brothers more closely resembled calvinball then whatever it was we initially started out to play.

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Calisthenics came in the form of back to back lawn jobs in 100+ weather, lugging 100 lb mowers in and out of a pickup truck and and the family cargo van.

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Gymbo  – Just call me the Gorilla

I detested running but could make decent time when required,  college is where I started lifting and I loved it.  Although it had nothing to do with my degree, my first post college job was as a personal trainer at a local gym where I became the manager.

With endless amounts of time I was able to research fitness and nutrition, workouts and muscle growth and I had my body and those of my unwitting clients as my laboratory. I often put in more than 70 hour weeks at the gym

Yes I was a mad scientist, no medical experience, insatiable curiosity, and best of all no supervision.

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Alright, I exaggerate, I am a certified trainer

I trained my clients using precise workouts designed by master trainers and medical  professionals and had clear understanding of limits.  I was however able to tweak each workout and assess progress making minute changes based on previous successes

I went from respectable 190lbs to muscular 220 in 6 months.  My body fat percentage dropped under  10%. Bragging, no, I was stuck in a gym with nothing else to do but train and watch youtube.  There was an older gent that came in everyday that started to call me the Gorilla and it sort of stuck for a while.


Like many average guys the change in shape came with a change in living conditions.  I met The Wife, a short time later came the desk, enter The Boy followed by more desk then enter The Girl, then enter Boy 2.


The Dad Bod

Before I knew it I had developed a serious condition, I have Dad Body.  This is a chronic condition categorized by  lack of energy, soft edges, an insulated six pack and the inexplicable desire to eat like a two year old.

I have started this series of posts as I know that if I  commit to writing and charting my progress I will be able to get in shape and share a few laughs along the way.

So, stay tuned, I will be posting more soon! 🙂

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