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How to make a sock doll baby

How to make a sock doll baby

This sock doll is so easy and so fun to make!  No sewing at all…just rubberbands!  Awesome, right?!  It’s also very inexpensive and super cute!  Most people already have a lot of the materials hanging around the house.

They make great gifts too!  My kids love these dolls!

Let’s have some fun and get started!

Doll Body:

Here’s what you’ll need: 3 socks; small hair rubberbands, black marker, cotton, scissors


1.Cut all the way across, just above the heel.



2.  Stretch out sock and lay out.  Heel should be facing up.


3.  Doll’s feet will go in the two corners of toe.


4.  Get a small piece of cotton and make a little ball in one corner of toe of sock. Wrap rubberband around tightly.



5.  Now do the other side.


6.  Turn pink socks inside out.  (My daughter got a hold of my marker….do you like her little design?!  :D)



7.  Stuff half of pink sock with cotton.


8.  Stuff the entire pink sock in tan sock (This will act as the stuffing for the doll’s stomach).  Make sure you leave the top of pink sock sticking out (that will be the hat….just wait, you’ll see).


9.  With the heel facing up, your doll arms will go just under the heel.


10.  Just like for feet, wrap rubberbands around each arm tightly.


It should look like this.


11.  Wrap rubberband tightly around the top of socks.  Get it as close to the arms as you can.



12.  Stuff cotton in socks for the doll head.  Not too full.  You’ll need a little sock left for the hat.


13.  Wrap rubberband tightly around top of head .



14.  Pull pink sock down over top of doll head.  This is the hat!



15.  It’s starting to look good!  Now turn your 2nd pink sock inside out.



Doll Outfit:

16.  Starting at the feet, pull sock up over doll.  Head should stick out a bit.  Wrap rubberband around neck, tightly.



17.  Cut a very small slit where feet are.  Be VERY careful not to cut tan sock!



18.  Cut very small slit where doll arms are.  Be VERY careful not to cut tan sock!


It should look like this



19.  And pop the little legs and arms through the holes.


20.  Pull top of pink sock down over arms.


21.  Make slits in arms again.  Be careful!


22.  Now draw a cute face!!



Some cute ideas for faces that I found online!



Isn’t it cute!?

Make it even cuter and add a little makeup blush to cheeks!  Add a drop of doTerra Lavender oil to give it a beautiful scent!


Please let me know how your sock doll turns out!  Have fun!

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