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Husband’s Corner

Husband’s Corner

Roman’s Shelf

Our first home was a one bedroom, one bath, apartment in North Texas.  As I lived in the area, I had the daunting task of picking out and setting up our first home for my bride to be.  We had done some apartment hunting together before the wedding, but at the last minute I made an executive decision and chose an apartment at a sister complex to the one we had tentatively, ok fine, that we had agreed on when Sarah had been down the month before….


Hey, I know now, ok…I was still a bachelor and $200 less per month was an easy pragmatic decision. Or so I thought, little did I know that was the last decision I would make about how our home would look from then on. I can’t say that I blame her as our view did include the neighborhood trash receptacle.  So, to make up for my momentary lapse in judgement  I told Sarah, I chose the apartment, you can do whatever you want with it.


I discovered the first week of marriage that I could not find any of my stuff. So I asked Sarah, where my stuff was and she took me over to the utility closet, opened the door and said “ you get the top shelf”   My response was, fair enough…and that was that.


So this section of the site is my shelf, and just like my shelf it will probably contain some of Sarah’s stuff.