There are a vast number of websites, trainers, well intention-ed friends and relatives that have an opinion on the one surefire of getting in shape.

We have all been there. One friend says you should do cross-fit because everything else fails. Another claims cross fit blows joints and can cause muscle atrophy, so  you should do yoga. Yet another friend says Pilates, or  swimming, or running, team sports, boxing, martial arts,walking flying….the list goes on and on…


But there is actually just one trick to getting in shape:

You know how you got out of shape,so the solution is to do the opposite!

Ok, so in all seriousness any of the above activities can assist you in reaching your fitness goals. I know a man who lost over 100 lbs just walking.


The honest to goodness trick to getting in shape is consistency.



In most cases you did not get to where you are today,overnight. It took months or years of bad habits and It will take developing new habits to get back.

Our bodies are amazing at adapting. We throw so much at them and it usually takes years of bad habits before we cause irreparable harm. For example, it usually takes years of poor diet to develop type II diabetes.

So what do we have to do? Let’s start out with a short list on what not to do.


What not to do: Do not starve yourself!

We are survivors. If we instantly lost fat we would not be very good at that. Your body will sense starvation, save fat for later, and break down calorie burning muscle. Also, you would likely lose vital nutrients needed to balance your body

Fad diets actually work on this principle  and encourage muscle loss so that you see this quick temporary weight loss on the scale.



  1. Eat healthier, eliminate processed foods and simple sugars. Eat more veggies, meats, good fats and complex carbohydrate

  2. Develop a healthy gut; Repopulate your digestive tract with probiotics to increase nutrient intake.
  3. Start doing something. Anything for that matter.


Consistent activity:

In future posts, I will suggest different types of workouts that from experience I know work but for right now just get up and move once a day. Pick any physical activity and just do it.


Buy a  Pedometer  and try to hit 7000-10000 steps a day. Do the above for one month straight  and I guarantee  you will feel a difference.

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