They say God speaks in silence.  Being a dad with three kids under four, I’ve come to the conclusion that God is going to have to yell, like the rest of them, if He wants to be heard around here.

Life Can Be Crazy

I have been thinking about silence a lot lately, probably because we have so little of it nowadays. Even before I was married, I filled my life with noise of one kind or another. The wonderful invention of the Iphone and streaming internet music and video make visual and audio stimulation  accessible 24hrs a day. Anyone up for the latest Netflix marathon?

Finding Calmness

Silence, however, is important. Without it, internal reflection cannot happen effectively. I become less grateful, more uneasy, less prudent and  less patient the more background noise enters my life.

The most profound moments I’ve had, occurred in silence.

I remember one such moment sitting at the edge of a cliff, gazing across a valley, under a star filled sky in Delphi. It was chilly and strangely bright outside. You could clearly see the band’s of the milky way. I remember that there was not a sound, not a single breeze, and in this cold calm I felt extremely small and insignificant sitting there. At that moment, in the silence, away from distraction, I took account of my life. I reflected on what I was doing wrong, what I was doing right and just talked to God for a while. I left that little Greek city with a better understanding of myself.

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The Value of Silence

I learned the value of quiet reflection before making important decisions. Usually, I make better decisions and I am able to stick with them after a period of silence.

Being a dad I don’t often get many of those moments anymore. But, I have found that I get more out of less these days. When I need to think I go visit my dad, his headstone may not be able to answer the questions I may have, but I believe he does answer me in the silence created there.

Silence usually brings a sort of calm. I think that’s why my kids inexplicably like “boring” Mr. Rogers over more exciting shows. The sets are muted, his voice is mellow, and he encourages kids to do things like being quiet.

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Though I’m often tempted to hire the TV to watch the kids, I find they are often happier having spent the day chasing dryer lint around the house instead of watching the 10th episode of Blues Clues.

I believe that a little quiet each day makes for a better day and a happier home. Well, maybe a little each week, for as I’m typing this, my 2 yr old is complaining about an owee and trying to wake up “Critter 1” as the other crawling “baby critter” is trying to eat something gross off the floor.

Comment below and tell us how silence has benefited your life!


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