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How to make a sock doll without sewing

How to make a sock doll without sewing

My kids love these sock dolls!   I’m so glad they do too…. they’re super easy to make and cheap!

There’s absolutely no sewing required when making this doll.  Isn’t that awesome?!   I have my own little Monastery sitting on my kids’ mantle.

Let’s make this doll together.  Grab your socks and rubber bands and let’s get started!

Doll Body

What you’ll need:

  1. 2 Tan socks
  2. 1 Brown sock
  3. Cotton
  4. Rubber bands (small hair ones work best)
  5. White yarn
  6. Glue
  7. Scissors
  8. A Permanent Marker (to draw face)


Step 1.   Cut across tan sock, just above heel.  You will be using the bottom part of sock.


2.  Stretch out bottom sock with hand and lay flat, heel facing up.


3.  Doll feet will go in both corners of toe.


4.  Make a little ball in corner of sock with cotton and wrap tightly with rubber band. (This is your first foot)


5.  Make little ball in the corner of the other side of sock (shown below).   Make sure they’re close together.  Wrap tightly with rubber band.  Feet are done! Yay!


6.  Fill middle of sock with cotton.  Don’t overfill… just enough to make a nice plump stomach.  Leave heel of sock empty.

Like this…


7.  Arms will go directly under heel of sock.


8. Make little arms very close together in center of sock…The arms look just like the feet.

They should look like this…


9. Wrap rubber band (tightly) directly above arms (this will be the neck).

Like this… get it as close to the arms as you can.



10.  Take 2nd tan sock and cut just under the heel.  You will be using the bottom part of sock.


11. Turn inside out


12.  Stuff half of sock.  This will be your doll head.


13. Stuff in 1st sock.  The top of your 2nd tan sock should be sticking out.


14.  Wrap rubber band tightly around base of head.


15.  Pull the top of 2nd sock (the part that’s sticking out the back of the head) down over doll face.  This creates a smooth head for doll.


16. Wrap rubber band tightly around neck, just above the arms.



Doll Habit

  1.  Take brown sock.  Cut just under heel.  You will be using the bottom part of sock.  (Don’t throw away top of sock!)


2  Pull brown sock over doll head…. all the way to doll feet.


3. Cut small slits where doll arms are.  (Be very careful not to cut tan sock!)

Like so…


4.  Cut small slit (vertically) on top of face/head.

Like this…


5. Pull head through slit.

Awww….Look, he has a hood!


7.  Take top of brown sock.  Cut thin strip from top.  (This will be his hair)  🙂


8.  Glue hair to doll head.


9.  Take white string and wrap around waist.


10.  Now give your little doll a cute face!

Here are some fun face ideas that I found online.


11.  Make your little doll even more amazing by adding a drop of doTERRA essential oil!  If your children like to sleep with dolls, adding a drop of Lavender or Cedarwood oil will help calm and relax them for bedtime.   Check out our oil store HERE.



Aren’t they cute?!    It looks like they’re enjoying a good joke, doesn’t it?!
Have fun making these dolls.  Be sure to post pictures of your little Sock Monks so I can see them!

Stop by Etsy store, Meadows of Grace, for the beautiful Rosary in the picture!  I love these rosaries.  They’re so lovely and quite strong!

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