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How to make a Nun Sock doll without sewing

How to make a Nun Sock doll without sewing

I am super excited to start this doll tutorial!  My kids love these dolls!  They’re so easy to make and so soft.

This doll literally requires NO sewing.  It’s also very inexpensive and only takes about 15 minutes to make.

Let’s get started!  Get your socks and rubber-bands and lets make some sock dolls!


Materials:  4 socks (2 black, 1 tan, 1 white), small hair rubber-bands, cotton, scissors, a permanent marker, and some white yarn.  NOTE:  You can use a glue gun to reinforce the nun veil.  It’s not necessary, but my kids are rough with their toys, so I do some gluing. 🙂


This is the brand of socks that I buy.  You can get them for 97 cents at Walmart….and they come with several colors!  Yay! I have such a hard time not filling my cart with these socks.


1.  With Tan sock, cut all the way across top of heel.  You may discard top or use it for other crafts.


2.  Stretch out sock and lay flat with heel sticking up (heel will be doll face).


3.  Take 2 small lumps of cotton for doll feet.  The feet will be in corners of sock toe.



4.  Stuff small piece of cotton in one corner of toe.  Wrap rubber-band tightly around foot.


5.  Now do the same thing on the other side.  The feet should be close together.  Wrap rubber-band tightly around foot.



6.  Stuff cotton in sock for stomach.  Don’t over stuff…just make it look cute!  🙂


Like this….  make sure not to stuff the heel.



7.  Doll arms will go here.  Do the exact same thing you did for the feet, except make the arms very close together (under the heel of sock). So they will look like praying hands.


Arm 1…. Make a little bump in the sock with your finger and fill it with cotton.  Wrap rubber-band tightly around arm.


Arm 2…. Make little bump in the sock  with finger and fill with cotton.  Wrap rubber-band around tightly.



8.  Just above the doll hands, wrap rubber-band around sock tightly.  This will be doll neck….try to get it as close to the hands as possible.



Doll Habit and Veil

1.  Take black sock.  Cut just above heel of sock.  You may discard top of black sock or save it for other crafts.


2.  Stuff bottom of sock with cotton to make a small ball.


Like this…  This will be the head.  Make a nice round shape, not too big.



3.  Stuff black sock head into tan sock.  Wrap rubber-band around top of tan and black head tightly.



4.  Cut 2nd black sock, just over the heel.  Discard top of black sock.


5.  Starting at doll feet, pull 2nd black sock up over doll snugly.  Heel of black sock should be facing back.


6.    Wrap rubber-band around neck tightly.


7.  Cut small slits in black sock so feet can pop through.  Be Careful!! Don’t cut tan sock!


It will look like this.


8.  Do the same for the hands.  Be Careful!  Don’t cut tan sock!


9.  Now pull top of 2nd black sock back down over doll.  This will create the little dress habit.


10.  Cut little slits in arms.  Don’t cut tan sock!


11.  Get white anklet sock.  Cut just under heel.  You will use the top part of white sock.  *Keep bottom for future nun dolls. 🙂


12.  Place top of sock around face of doll.  Heel should be in back.  NOTE:  You can  glue white sock to face to make stronger.


13.   Now take the rest of the black sock (the part that’s sticking out the back of doll head)  and pull it down over doll’s head and body, snugly.


14.  Make sure doll front is forward, and cut a straight line up the front of doll. Careful, don’t cut anything else.


Cut until you see the top of white sock.


15.  Fold veil so it looks smooth and nice.  You can glue to reinforce if you want.


16.  Wrap small piece of white yarn around waist of doll.


17.  Now draw a happy little face with a permanent marker!

Here are some fun ideas for faces that I found online.


18.  Make your little nun doll even more amazing by adding a drop of doTerra Lavender Oil!  (If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, please send me an email or comment below!)


Aren’t they cute!  You can make your own little convent!

Check out Meadows of Grace etsy store for the beautiful rosary shown in the picture!  I love these rosaries… they’re beautiful and very strong!

Stay Tuned!

Little Sock Monk tutorial is coming soon!  Like us on Facebook  for updates on more sock doll patterns!

Be sure and send me pictures of your sock dolls!!  I love pictures and comments!  🙂

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