Adventures Beyond Our Comfort Zone

About Us

About Us

Hi!  We are so glad you’re here!  My husband and I  started this site to share the little adventures of our growing family!

I’m just a mom of three adorable little Critters.  I have a charming husband who inspired me to go way out of my comfort zone to meet new people and challenge myself to try something new and adventurous every week.  What better way than to make a website and share it with everyone, yikes!   Yes, my husband is the adventurous one….and I am not.  BUT!  Stick around, cuz I’m really trying to explore new ways of staying healthy, being frugal and finding clothes that perfectly fit a  6’2″ Texas mama.  All that and simultaneously trying to raise 3 kidlets under the age of 3!   Super Mom, no?!  Ha!  I wish….I’m happy to get out of my pajamas before noon.

Anyway, we live in the suburbs of the beautiful Lone Star State!  We are always trying to find better ways to live a little healthier and become a better people every day.   Our ultimate goal is to get a small farm, with a chicken or two and maybe a small goat, because, you know, we’ve never had animals before and that would be cool and exciting.

So, please join us and learn together as we travel outside our comfort zone to make our families a little healthier and a little happier!